Comparison of in-house software development vs. outsourcing, featuring pros and cons of each option

In-House Software Development VS. Outsourcing

If you’re looking to develop your new software solution, one of the biggest questions you must ask is In-House Software Development VS. Outsourcing, which is better for you?  Like most things in life, this is more complex than we might love, but you can jumpstart your project correctly with the right information and guidance. It…

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Digital clock with various gears symbolizing the timing of outsourcing software development decisions.

When To Outsource Software Development

Timing is a crucial determinant of success if you consider outsourcing software development; besides deciding to whom, knowing the right time and context is equally vital. Think of it like being a sports team coach – you have a stellar squad on the bench, but what truly makes the difference is deciding if you need…

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How do the first three months look like for a junior developer at Ontegra?

Melinda joined our team three months ago as a junior developer and gave us her thoughts about her experience so far. “In the last three months, I had the chance to work alongside the Ontegra team as a junior developer, and the experience was very beneficial and pleasant. I feel very happy for the opportunity…

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