Illustrative concept of AI business process automation featuring a stylized robot and workflow symbols.

AI business process automation

Business process automation (BPA) is nothing new; actually, it has been quite the buzzword in the last few years, and it’s understandable based on the positive business outcomes in terms of efficiency and productivity. But now, we have a new kid on the block named AI business process automation, which promises to skyrocket businesses to…

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Illustration of a person interacting with an AI robot to symbolize the integration of artificial intelligence into business.

How to incorporate AI into your business

Like it or not, AI is probably here to stay, and it will probably have a major impact on businesses in the following years. You might already use ChatGPT for some simple office tasks or at least know a colleague who does. New studies suggest that AI can improve workers’ performance by as much as…

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software development

How do the first three months look like for a junior developer at Ontegra?

Melinda joined our team three months ago as a junior developer and gave us her thoughts about her experience so far. “In the last three months, I had the chance to work alongside the Ontegra team as a junior developer, and the experience was very beneficial and pleasant. I feel very happy for the opportunity…

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