An illustration of a user interacting with Ontegra's Custom Conversational AI Chatbot on a computer screen, symbolizing advanced business solutions.

AI chatbots are certainly not new, but the ones we currently use for personal or business purposes are unsuitable for every environment and scenario. With that in mind, our AI software development team developed a custom AI chatbot that feeds into your own data sets rather than the “knowledge of the internet.” 

This is essential for business applications because you can potentially provide the conversational AI with a limitless amount of internal documents, and he will be able to cluster, analyze, and answer questions based on the information stored in those files.

Advanced document interaction

Our conversational AI chatbot has an outstanding ability for summarization and can unlock deep insights from any document it processes. Imagine you’re looking at a new document for the very first time and don’t even know where to start or what to ask—thanks to the smart doc functionalities, that’s absolutely no problem, as our solution can offer several suggested questions so you can get a sense of the content even before knowing anything about it.

Intuitive questioning

Our AI-powered chatbot is embedded with “smart suggest” functionalities that suggest questions you can ask on demand based on the document or cluster of documents analyzed. This is particularly helpful in business scenarios where you need/want to keep the users engaged in the conversation with your system.

Active learning capabilities

Another essential capability of our custom AI chatbot is its ability to actively learn from its interactions. For example, providing specific information could update its knowledge base in real-time. If the system doesn’t know the answer to a particular question based on the documents it has access to, you can provide him with new information during the chat—this way, he actively learns and becomes more efficient for your business.

Precise source referencing

Citing sources is crucial in multiple business scenarios. Imagine that the conversational AI platform has access to all the company's internal meeting scripts—this is where correctly referencing the source becomes extremely important. Another major use case would be in research and/or writing scientific papers, where you could quickly get expert answers for your scientific questions, always with a precise source.

Enhanced security and scalability

Most current chatbots are run via API, so the actual AI infrastructure is in the cloud and owned by a third-party supplier. While this may seem fine for personal uses or businesses that do not work with sensitive information, things get much more complicated for large enterprises that work with vast amounts of data and different levels of confidentiality. This is where our conversational AI chatbot comes in, as it can run on-premise on your company servers. This way, you control what data and files he can access, restrict access to employees based on clearance, and remove the risk of data breaches.

This also helps maintain confidentiality agreements with different partners because a third-party company will not process their data; it will only be processed in-house, on-premise.

Demo - conversation example based on a research document.

Unlimited applications across industries

Because of its multiple capabilities, our custom AI chatbot has a massive amount of potential use cases; here are some examples our team thought about:

Learning and development tool - our solution could be an onboarding tool for new employees. With it, newcomers can learn about the company culture, procedures, and protocols in an interactive way. It could also become an excellent tool for all employees to check on specific procedures when needed or when they become updated.


Technical assistant in manufacturing - Our AI chatbot could be implemented in manufacturing or construction to assist technicians and engineers with machinery manuals, safety protocols, or troubleshooting steps without pausing their workflow.


Machinery support assistant - Let’s take the case of the healthcare industry. Our AI chatbot could support hospital workers with all the equipment manuals, specifications, instructions, and maintenance schedules to provide a safer environment. 


Policy advisor—In many scenarios, valuable resources are lost with inquiries about somewhat simple internal questions about specific policies, for example. The system could be used as a company advisor, so all information about policies, benefits, and HR-related questions could be accessed interactively and quickly—this, in turn, would free up administrative resources. 


Private search engine - companies could use it as a private document search engine and quickly recall specific information from them. In a different scenario, lawyers and legal professionals could find clauses, case law references, and more from an expanded collection of legal texts.

Improved customer service solution - Our AI solution could be repurposed as a customer service chatbot to provide instant and accurate responses to customer inquiries and improve customer satisfaction. Most classic retail chatbots work on a pyramid logic scheme - so they can only reply to questions that already have a predefined answer (such as FAQs). Our solution is more organic as it can potentially answer any question if there is a particular mention in the provided data set.

Ready for your custom business AI chatbot?

As mentioned, there is an extensive array of use cases and significant potential for any business. Our team has varied industry know-how and AI and software development expertise to tailor the solution to fit your company perfectly. Give us a message, and our team of experts will contact you shortly.

Article written by Iulia Filimon, NLP Engineer

Iulia designs and develops algorithms and models that enable computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language. She participates in building the first innovative AI company's solutions and exposing them to clients.