Healthcare Software Development Services

Our team delivers start-to-finish healthcare software development used by some of the biggest pharma companies worldwide. We deploy senior healthcare software developers, architects, and designers that understand the core business challenges and opportunities to create flawless solutions. Software development for healthcare implies great responsibility; we undertake rigorous testing and quality control procedures for every healthcare software solution we develop. Our work has reduced operational costs and increased the efficiency and profitability of tens of medical companies worldwide. 


Custom medical software development for any business challenge

The medical & healthcare industry has particular needs that require the expertise and technical knowledge of a custom healthcare software development company. Our team has extensive experience analyzing business needs and workflows to create the right software architecture and design a solution that can easily be integrated into your IT ecosystem. Our custom healthcare software development focuses on quality and great user experience for easy adoption. We provide user training for your company or medical staff, together with healthcare software solutions support and maintenance.

Types of healthcare software developed by Ontegra

From data processing patient pathway platforms, medical software systems, custom hospital software, health insurance software, or clinical software solutions, to name just a few, our team can create custom healthcare solutions based on your needs and our thorough research. 


Our comprehensive experience as a healthcare software development company enables us to develop an almost unlimited range of solutions for healthcare organizations, software product companies, medical device manufacturers, and pharma companies. 


Healthcare software development with unmatched transparency

Everything we do has transparency at its core. You get a complete overview of each healthcare software development project anytime through our project management tools like Jira and Confluence. Our custom healthcare software development process provides increased agility, smooth communication, early-feedback adoption, and the best collaborative efforts for your medical software solution success.

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Big Pharma Projects

We act as an R&D department and software development partner for one of our UK clients.

Projects we're done for one of the top 5 Big Pharma companies worldwide. Our contribution was across all areas, from discovery and research to development and product launch. Our way of work implies complete transparency, so our client had real-time project overviews and daily, weekly and monthly meetings.


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Healthcare Software Development Services


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