Big Pharma Projects

We act as an R&D department and software development partner for one of our UK clients.

The projects were done for one of the top 5 Big Pharma companies worldwide. Our contribution was across all areas, from discovery and research to development and product launch. Our way of work implies complete transparency, so our client had real-time project overviews and daily, weekly and monthly meetings.

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Decreased development time by deploying a team of full-stack senior developers, product designers, architects, and more;

Decreased project costs by creating and validating complete solutions prototypes before starting the development process;

Created a smooth process in which the clients' requirements we're discussed and implemented at the right project stages through constant communication;

Projects overview

Data Processing Pathway Platform

We developed a user-friendly and visually appealing platform to process all the research data and help medics and researchers better understand the complete pathway from diagnostic to treatment to the outcome.

Price Tracker Platform

We created a cloud application that efficiently manages products and their prices and improves consistency, alignment, and visibility with comprehensive reporting tools. As price reporting was needed both internally and by external regulators, the platform had to be adaptable to numerous country/region-specific rules. 

Product Launch Management Tool

We developed a tool that captures tender announcements and manages applications. In addition, it enables competitive insights for better decision-making and extensive reporting for the financial and supply chain, alongside custom KPIs.

Tender Management Tool

We developed a smart framework with modules that work independently and can be reused for cloud-ready and mobile responsive requirements. It enables worldwide product launch management, identifying risks and delays, and taking action in a fast fashion.

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