An illustration of a user interacting with Ontegra's Custom Conversational AI Chatbot on a computer screen, symbolizing advanced business solutions.

Ontegra’s Custom Conversational AI Chatbot for Business

AI chatbots are certainly not new, but the ones we currently use for personal or business purposes are unsuitable for every environment and scenario. With that in mind, our AI software development team developed a custom AI chatbot that feeds into your own data sets rather than the “knowledge of the internet.”  This is essential…

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An illustration of a healthcare professional with a virtual interface displaying a hand, symbolizing precision in digital healthcare solutions.

AI solutions for pharma

In our previous articles, we discussed AI’s impact on various industries. Still, given our history in developing software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, we decided to examine how AI is transforming it. AI and generative AI for pharma are reshaping how the industry works. That’s because drug/pharmaceutical companies can also be considered data companies. Luckily…

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Illustrative concept of AI business process automation featuring a stylized robot and workflow symbols.

AI business process automation

Business process automation (BPA) is nothing new; actually, it has been quite the buzzword in the last few years, and it’s understandable based on the positive business outcomes in terms of efficiency and productivity. But now, we have a new kid on the block named AI business process automation, which promises to skyrocket businesses to…

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Illustration of a person interacting with an AI robot to symbolize the integration of artificial intelligence into business.

How to incorporate AI into your business

Like it or not, AI is probably here to stay, and it will probably have a major impact on businesses in the following years. You might already use ChatGPT for some simple office tasks or at least know a colleague who does. New studies suggest that AI can improve workers’ performance by as much as…

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An illustration of a humanoid figure with a neural network brain, symbolizing the complexity of AI.

Machine Learning VS. Deep Learning VS. Neural Network

With AI being such a popular concept these days, there is a lot of talk about machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. Sadly, similar to anything that’s pretty new, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these terms and concepts. In this article, we decided to bring a bit more clarity and dive into…

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Developer at a desk with a friendly robot, conceptualizing AI's role in software development.

How AI will change software development

As AI continues its “conquest,” we asked our teams to delve into its implications, particularly in the field of software development. With a consistent impact in both business and social fields, people think yet again (similar to the industrial revolution) if their jobs will be replaced or become somewhat obsolete. In our offices, we asked…

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hire nlp developer, hire remote nlp developers, natural language processing developers

How to Hire NLP Developers

If you plan to incorporate NLP into your existing software solutions or want to develop new products from scratch, the first step is to find the best ways to hire AI/NLP developers.  NLP has rapidly become the holy grail of software development, attracting an overwhelming interest in almost any industry we can think about. All…

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what does an AI engineer do, what does an AI prompt engineer do, artificial intelligence enginner, what does an artificial intelligence engineer do, artificial intelligence engineering, what is an AI engineer, what is AI engineering

What Does an AI Engineer Do?

With all this talk about AI, it was time to take a deep breath and demystify what an AI engineer is and what he actually does. The AI Engineer has an almost fictional aura surrounding it, so our declared mission with this article is to bring a fresh coat of pain into the subject and…

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How to Hire AI Developers - Outsourcing for AI Software Development

How to Hire AI Developers in 2024

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is genuinely omnipresent in today’s business environment. It’s remarkable how rapidly it integrated into many fields and industries, from transportation to healthcare or marketing, with an (almost) immediate and positive impact towards efficiency, accuracy, and the sheer quantity of data it can process. All this sounds impressive, but it also created a…

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Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Software Development - Main Image

Questions to ask when outsourcing software development

So, you’re ready to outsource your new software development project, and interviews are set, but what questions should you ask to ensure you make the best possible decision and increase the chances of your project’s success? Don’t worry we handled hundreds of interviews from small to big international companies, and we structured some of the…

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