Sales and presentation digital channel - CDH

Custom project developed for one of the biggest construction companies in the UK and EU. The platform is a digital presentation and sales channel with a custom e-commerce module built from scratch, with fully customizable modules.

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We were required to build a beautiful platform that doesn't only act as a presentation channel and a sales one. The project requirements and personalization needed could not accommodate an off-the-shelf e-commerce solution, so we needed to build it from scratch.

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We deployed our senior team of UI/UX designers to craft a beautiful web experience. We developed a custom e-commerce module that responds to our client's custom requirements. The admin panel was also designed from scratch with gorgeous design, functionality, and full customization options.

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The new platform increased the brand's e-commerce presence in UK and EU. It increased sales and improved brand notoriety.

Less time spent on managing e-commerce sales and website management;

Better online ranking;

Increased sales in the UK and EU;

No need for developers for customization.

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