Recruitment management platform

We created a custom recruitment management platform suitable for recruiting firms, human resources, and school/university applications. The solution manages the entire recruitment process from application to hiring and features a visual status dashboard, standard and customizable reports, and more.

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We aimed to create a user-friendly solution to simplify the recruitment processes and increase visibility and efficiency. We needed to consider every specific need a recruitment agency or education institution might have and transpose them into easy-to-use solutions that enhance collaboration and better results.

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Our approach was to develop a solution with multiple configurable modules that can adapt to any business involved in recruitment. We took into account every recruitment step of the process to create a candidate pipeline feature. We applied collaboration functions with a task board for task assignment and tracking, notification features, and custom reports for a complete overview. We also deployed a group messaging feature to target potential candidates. The platform can manage multiple clients at a time and virtually unlimited applications.

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The solution was already implemented and customized for some of the most prominent recruitment agencies in the UK and Switzerland.

Increased revenue while reducing candidate processing costs;

Increased the visibility of candidate placements/hires/students' registration and acceptance;

The optional group messaging targets potential candidates for new openings or students to complete school applications before the deadline.

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