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Store tracker is a smart solution for planning, monitoring, analysis, and implementation for the modern retail execution processes. Using real-time data gathered from multiple data-points, our solution helps retailers by providing a comprehensive view of the field situation, easily  identifying problems and risks. It unlocks the potential for real-time, accurate decision making. Furthermore, is minimizing losses, increases the overall sales, and creates a predictable internal environment for retailers.

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We identified several challenges that are specific to large retail companies that have tens or even hundreds of employees on the field. Our priority was to develop a smart digital solution to   tackle the lack of real-time data at the management level and the tremendous time that is invested in collecting, centralizing, and reporting the data that is gathered from the field. Another important objective was to deliver a product that will deliver accurate data, with precision from multiple data-points with top-notch security

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Our approach was to develop a complete and modular solution that would address all the challenges that a modern retailer will tackle. Store tracker is a comprehensive product that manages all the specific processes from planning, monitoring, analysis, implementation, and  reporting. The field agents can easily fill in data from their customer visits using a mobile app,  which in turn is providing a wider overview, with real-time information for easy and precise  decision making. Our solution enables customers to implement and monitor promotions, to monitor product placements and storefronts, and to generate custom reports with granular precision.

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The platform is transforming the entire retail process leveraging the benefits of using the latest  technologies and data security in a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface.

Reduced time for data collection, centralizing, reporting, and data analysis by 99%;

Provides more time for strategy development, finding and implementing strategic solutions;

Improved visibility for managers, with real-time data and accurate decision-making;

Provides a centralized and collaborative system, where all data, pictures, messages, alerts, and notifications are managed by all members of the team at a local, regional and national level;

Improves the accuracy and security of the gathered data, removing the errors that can occur when collecting, processing, and managing it;

Increases the productivity of all employees and reduces the overall perceived stress of the team;

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