Drum fleet management platform

We have improved the operational costs of a leading transportation company by building a true cloud, multi-tenant application for a ready-mix drum fleet that optimizes the work of dispatchers, drivers, and ready-mix clients. The application uses the Google maps engine, is optimized for Android tablets, and has been deployed on a private cloud.

Drum fleet management platform
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There were several challenges that we needed to tackle. First was the lack of real-time delivery status, meaning that there was not enough visibility on the ready-mix delivery statuses, which prevented the customers to better plan and optimize delivery. Second, there were no real-time confirmation on delivery systems in place, which made it difficult for drivers and dispatchers to smoothly plan the order pipeline.


Additionally, we had to be aware of the driver's safety, meaning that the solution should provide fewer distractions and more efficient communication tools for drivers.

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To address all challenges, we have built a true cloud, multi-tenant application that optimizes the work of dispatchers, drivers, and ready-mix clients. The app leverages the Google Maps Engine capabilities and was deployed on a private cloud.


Furthermore, we optimized it for Android tablets used by the drivers and integrated it with a database that exchanges information between drum trucks and dispatchers.

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Proactively improves customer service by managing the on-time arrival of specific orders to a job site;

Reduces idle time and cost by monitoring vehicle locations and statuses together with reducing the carbon footprint by improving fuel efficiency;

Provides analytical reports of time-stamped events and locations to help evaluate the efficiency and reduce operational costs;

It helps drivers communicate in real-time via text, using in-vehicle hardware and sensors.

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